Located in Beautiful British Columbia at:
2419 Clarke St., Port Moody, B.C., Canada
V3H 1Z2


General Fiction,
Mystery, Thrillers,
Sci-Fi and Fantasy,
Children's Books
Art, History
Aviation, Military
Cooking, Health,
and Other Quality Books.

Phone: (604) 939-1092

You may contact the store via email at:

This WebSite address is:

It's the only used bookstore left in the Tri-City area.

We have a full selection of paperbacks and hardcover books in most genres.
We're across from the railway tracks, one block north from St. John's Street, in a beautiful old heritage building.
Remember to bring along your very good condition used books and trade 'em in and save even more.
You can bring your books any day, but please phone first.


Monday           11 am - 5 pm
        Tues - Thurs    10 am - 5:30 pm
        Friday           10 am - 6 pm
        Saturday         10:30 am - 5:30 pm
        Sunday           11:30 am - 4:30 pm


Back by popular demand:
choose any 6 books and
the 2 least expensive are FREE!
That's right, pick out 6, pay for 4.
Or multiples thereof.
Sale in effect May 1st until May 31st.
Bring the whole family and stock up for summer!

New Inventory!

Recently arrived: significant collections of
Art, Photography and Architecture books,
books on the American Civil War,
plus many more Children's Books!
Hurry in this month for best selection.

Customer Comment

"In recent years and with time on my hands, I have re-discovered an old treasure in my 
neighbouring city of Port Moody the 'Jolly Olde Bookstore.  It is a wonderful, little 
bookstore of second hand books piled high on the shelves and tumbling over into your 
hands.  Today, I purchased a portfolio of books, each a classic, beautifully bound, 
illustrated and printed. It is my first set of Folio Society books and hopefully the beginning 
of a larger collection. I am saving them for the Christmas season and looking forward 
to a quiet reading time at home.  

I often wonder how old bookstores will survive in years to come.  There is so much 
competition from online reading forums.  I remind myself that I taught my children 
to read from books and to experience reading together as a shared family value.  
As they grew older,  online education was also open to them, but first came traditional 
books.  I wanted to ensure that they knew about both learning environments and could 
choose and compliment one with the other as they matured. This balance and 
educational freedom is important.  

Today, like my children, I spend much more time browsing the Internet.  It is convenient, 
fast-paced and immediately rewarding and I can do it all from my armchair.  So why visit 
my local bookstore? I do so because I treasure and value the experience.  It is a special 
place where I can explore and find hidden gems when I least expect it, in a less 
structured and monitored environment. I often visit without a book in mind; simply to 
browse, trace old and new authors or ask for recommendations. I have never 
been disappointed.  

I am writing not just because I love to read, but to support and say thank you to the 
many traditional bookstores that enrich our communities.  We would miss them 
greatly if they disappeared."

Jill G. Scott

Also, any books on the Stillman Books website are available at the
Jolly Olde Bookstore with 24 hr. notice;
that includes all the catalogues shown below.

POLICY: All prices quoted are in Canadian Dollars. All 
books are subject to prior sale. Shipping charges are extra: in 
Canada, $13.50 for the lst book, $4.50 for each additional book; 
to the U.S., $16.50 for the lst book under 1 kg (just over 2 lb.),
larger books extra; other countries, $16.00 for the first book
under 1 kg., up to 2 kg. for $22.00. Insurance charges at cost. 
Heavier books may require extra postage.
Canadian residents please add 5% GST. Payment may be made with
a personal or business cheque (Canada and U.S. only), money order, 
bank draft, Visa card or Master Card. All items are returnable
in the same condition within l0 days  of receipt; please advise us
in advance of any returns. Books will be held  for two weeks;
if payment is not received within that time, the books will be
reoffered for sale.  

I am no longer listing books for sale on any book-matching sites,
so my inventory is only available through this website or
through my open store, Jolly Olde Bookstore in Port Moody, B.C.


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  • Americana Books, Plus Western Americana
  • Aviation Books
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  • Sea and Naval Books
  • More Sea and Naval Books
  • Canadiana Books: Fiction and Non-Fiction
  • Books on Fishing, Fly-Tying, Knots
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  • Women Children's Book Illustrators
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  • Books of Folktales, Legends, Myths
  • Modern Fiction Titles
  • School Readers, Mostly Old, Other Schoolbooks
  • Poetry Books, Mostly 19th and 20th Century
  • Books on Canadian, American, British Railways
  • Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
  • Rupert Bear Annuals
  • Pop-Ups and Moveables
  • Pop-Up Books-Page Two
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  • Limited Editions Club Books
  • London Sketch-Book: Faustin Illus.
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  • Selected Books by Will James

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